READY TO WIN™ – probably Austria’s most unique motorsport company – offers (semi) professional race drivers, as well as newcomers, comprehensive support to improve upon the track and in their career. Under the guidance of holistic-thinking coaches you easily progress to your next level of personal performance.

The team at READY TO WIN™ consists of long term experienced motorsport insiders who have each enjoyed successful times in racing,  but equally know how tough, challenging and frustrating a passion can be. The saying that “you learn much more from failing than from success” is part of our attitude and philosophy. Never give up, always try to call upon lessons learned from bad experiences, races or even bad seasons, is as well part of the foundation to winning again. Combined the team members of READY TO WIN™ can look back upon more than 200 years in international motorsports. A treasure trove of experience we share with all our racers, protégés, academy and event customers and of course, our business partners in motorsport industry.

The approach of READY TO WIN™ - the holistic way to success - was born in 2006, the company itself being officially founded in 2011. Being a young, therefore dynamic and ambitious company, combined with the wisdom of so many years’ experience, READY TO WIN™ can look upon racing and motorsport in general, in its entirety.     

Twelve hours a day I occupy myself with my race car. The remaining twelve hours I think about it. (Ayrton Senna)
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